Posted on Aug 20, 2014
Top 20 Sales Tips

What will make your sales tactics stand out above the crowd? With over 3,000 years of business experience, our members have some great tips for you and your business. Use the comment section below to add your own expertise!

1. Be honest and genuine in what you know. Present what you are capable of accomplishing.

2. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen!

3. Find the customer’s need or problem that needs solving and solve it.

4. Educate: Teach your customer and let your customer teach you.

5. Keep your promises and don’t over-promise.

6. Meet face-to-face, don't hide behind email. Remember names and maintain eye contact.

7. Utilize your network and make use of references.

8. Don’t be afraid to sell, seize the opportunity!

9. Be persistent.

10. Be patient.

11. Don’t be sour about losing an order. It is okay if you gained knowledge and market pricing.

12. Focus on helping rather than selling. They will remember that you helped them solve a problem.

13. Follow-up is a MUST!

14. Track your results.

15. Aim for the stars. Someone is always selling more than you.

16. Make every client feel like his/her business is all that matters.

17. Enthusiasm wins the audience.

18. Hire smart in sales.

19. Showcase your team, they will make the sale.

20. Learn something new about selling each week.

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