Posted on Nov 17, 2014
Top 20 Employee Engagement Activities

1. Christmas and Holiday Parties

2. Annual Meetings, Retreats, & Team Educational Events

3. Appreciation!

4. Baggo Tournaments / Bags & Brats

5. BBQs: Sales team cooks for the production department or the President cooks!

6. Listening to employees one-on-one to learn what drives them.

7. Staff meetings, face-to-face meetings, leadership team monthly meetings.

8. Bowling

9. Picnics: Cash picnics during the work day at the office, Hot Dog Social Picnic, Roscoe's Annual Family Picnic

10. Charity and Volunteer Work

11. Games: Company Olympics and Minute to Win It

12. Attending sports events such as Cubs Rooftop games or the Blackhawks Suite

13. Family Day at the Zoo with employees & their families

14. Favorite Sports Team support days. Wear Bears Bulls, Hawks, Sox, Cubs, or other favorite sports teams apparel.

15. Formal discussions about positive experiences with customers - sharing 'hero' moments.

16. Weekly emailed flash reports from key reports. Flash report format: 3-5 things I accomplished this week, 3-5 things I will accomplish this week, assistance/support I need from others to accomplish next week's goals.

17. Goals: Set goals and then throw a goal achievement party or 'Good to Great' goal setting meetings where employees pick and commit to goals they think are achievable.

18. Mentoring program with the local elementary school. One hour per week paid time for employees to mentor a child.

19. Pizza Days!

20. Pot-Luck Lunches with staff to celebrate birthdays.

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