Posted on May 26, 2015
May Members’ Perspective: What I Learned In Forum

In the CFBC, Forum is the place where it is safe to learn, grow and share experiences with others. Our members value their Forum experience and have created a strong and unique bond with their Forum group. This month they share the biggest takeaway from Forum this year.

Michelle Puch / Primrose Candy Co.

“I learned to be open and willing to trust others. The more you share, the more wisdom you gain.”

Kacper Stojowski / Aspen Commercial Painting

“So far, I have only attended one Forum meeting. However, I have already learned that being in a trusted environment is something I need. This answer will evolve over the near future as I dive deeper into Forum.”

Don Domanus / MEGAPros

“I learned that people that are ready and willing to change will make changes in their life, business, and home.”

Jeff Conner / Liner’s Direct

“Do not operate out of fear. If you know something isn’t quite right, fix it. Most people don’t fix their company or family issues because they are afraid of the consequences.”

Bob Stahurski / Nyco Products

“I thought my rock (challenges) were heavy but I learned that I am not carrying the heaviest rock. I also learned that confidentiality is crucial to build a safe environment to share.”

Gina Krusinski / Krusinski Construction Company

“I learned to listen, listen, listen and then to shut up!”

Art Lukowski / Oil Express

“I learned to listen carefully and to be candid with my ideas.”

Guy Ockerlund / Ox Box

“I learned that you are not alone in your experience.”

Lisa Tomsheck / Arthur Clesen

“I have learned to see the best side of yourself instead of all the head trash.”

Kevin Walter / Tasty Catering

“In the Forum training session and in the two Forums I visited in the selection process, I was amazed at the warm, genuine, and quality people I met. Every CFBC Forum member I’ve met has been a pleasure to speak with. I believe that the practice of training and using Emotional Intelligence plays a large part in what I’ve experienced to date.”

Nirel Inman / Chicago Glue & Machine Co.

“I learned that no one has all the answers and no one is right all the time. But, by listening, you can gain invaluable experience and knowledge.”

Sean Hoffman / Nuance Solutions

“I have learned that having it not be about you helps you.”

Jim Armbruster / ATMI Precast

“As I watched a mature Forum start after losing members due to retirement and or selling, I learned how to re-form with a base of younger members and still keep the Forum vital.”

Deanna Salo / Cray Kaiser, Ltd.

“Seeing the Forum experience from a strategic partner’s perspective, there is an unparalleled bond amongst these individuals who come from different business and experiences but who share a common goal of providing each other unfounded support in business and in life.”

AJ Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

“I learned to work on your business and not in your business.”

John Friedman / Northern Container

“I reinforced the idea that the grass is always greener somewhere else.”

Kerra O'Donnell / Progressive Industries

“I have learned that everyone is so different, and I love that!”

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

“I have learned the unbelievable generosity, support and value of a committed and diverse group.”

Susan Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

“I learned that you are not alone.”

Jim Buik / Roscoe Company

“I learned that shared experiences trump advice every time.”

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