Posted on Mar 24, 2015
March Members’ Perspective: Share a Travel Snafu You Experienced.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, there’s bound to be a travel snafu at some point along the road. From missed flights to long drives to lost baggage, CFBC members share their worst nightmare travel experiences.

Bob Stahurski / Nyco Products

“I went to the Grand Canyon for a trip. My friend booked the hotel and we stayed at the Ramada for a week. It was a terrible hotel and on the last day we found out we were actually booked to stay at the Radisson. That would’ve have been way better!”

Donna McCaleb / Noland Sales Corp.

“Once in the Dominican Republic we went with another couple on a tour that they set up. The cab driver could not speak English and our 45 minute trip turned into two hours. It was an adventure and still a wonderful tour after we got to our destination.”

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

“I was stuck in Minneapolis and missed my wife’s friend’s wedding 34 years ago, I am still hearing about it.”

Guy Ockerlund / Ox Box

“Make sure to read the arrival vs. departure time on tickets correctly. We had two families travelling together all miss their flights!”

Dave Westerman / Carbit Paint

“Our two-year-old puked on himself (and all over the stroller) as soon as they announced ‘Ready to board!’”.

Brian McIlwee / McIlwee Millwork

“I took a red eye from Denver to Midway and the jet wheels had literally touched the ground in fog and the pilot throttled back up and took off again claiming to have overshot the runway. We were diverted to Detroit until 5AM when we were allowed to return to Midway. We weren’t let off the plane for nearly seven hours.”

Alan Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

“I lost my baggage on a trip to Las Vegas with significant customers. What a nightmare for all of us!!”

Art Goldstein / Larson Equipment & Furniture

“While travelling in Europe this past summer we were supposed to fly from Prague to Frankfort, Germany. The crew got sick and did not show up so we diverted to Warsaw, Poland and then on to Chicago. It caused an 11 hour delay on our trip.”

Bob Carmody / Diana's Bananas

“My bags got misplaced in New Zealand at the airport. They got them confused as they were shuttling from our international flight to local flights. The bags were sent back to the international business and there they sat, lost for several days.”

Chris Prestegaard / American Chartered Bank

“I had to run to the gate through an airport without my shoes on because we almost missed it. I checked in two hours earlier but had a little too casual of a meal and forgot we hadn’t cleared security yet, oops! Some of our group didn’t make it on the plane!”

Deanna Salo / Cray Kaiser, Ltd.

“Lesson: Always know your parents’ birthdays. While traveling out of the country, we took a day trip outside of the resort we were staying at and one of the young men in our group was quite tan and looked like a native. When questioned by a local official, he was asked for his parents’ birthdays but he couldn’t remember them under the stress of the questioning.”

John Friedman / Northern Container

“Instead of making two flights for two legs of a trip, Alaska Airlines allowed me to book myself on the same flight twice. Then, they wanted $150 to change the reservation.”

Neil O'Donnell / Progressive Industries

“I was on a plane and my three children were in random seats throughout the plane.”

Brent Ogle / Blazer Manufacturing

“Early in my career I was a salesperson that sold corrugated boxes. I went on a quick trip to Nebraska to visit my girlfriend (now my wife). When I was at security, I had my work bag which contained a box-cutter knife that I had forgotten about. I used it for my job and completely forgot to pull it out of my bag before I got to the airport. This was only six months after 9/11 and box-cutters were a BIG no-no. I was arrested and released at the security station. They took my picture and all! They let me catch my flight but I had to go to court, pay a fine, and I was investigated. I ended up having it expunged from my record after six months of no other misdemeanors, luckily. What a dumb move on my part!”

Darrin Shallcross / Shallcross Financial Planning

“I accidentally booked a flight for a week later than I had planned to travel.”

Jim Buik / Roscoe Company

“I booked a hotel room for the day after I arrived.”

Mike Graham / A to Z Sales, Inc.

“I ran out of gas on a country road!”

Jim Padden / Padco Financial Services

“My flight got cancelled and I had to drive home from Houston.”

Jason Bone / Bone Roofing Supply

“I had to drive home from Vail in a blizzard.”

Mike Moran / American Chartered Bank

“Myself and the whole party had food poisoning on a flight home.”

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