Posted on Jun 22, 2015
June Members’ Perspective: Six Word Memoirs

How do you capture 20 years or an entire lifetime in just six words? It may not sound like enough, but six short words can communicate a powerful message of a life filled with meaning, discovery and growth. CFBC members share the stories of their life and the CFBC in six words as we reflect not just on 20 years of the CFBC, but decades of life and journeys.

Jim Buik / Roscoe Company

My Life: Grow, learn, provide, protect and enjoy!

My CFBC Experience: We all walk a similar path

The Meaning of CFBC: Shared experiences creating new possibilities

Marcus Newman / GCG Financial

My Life: Happy cluelessness, de-evolution, rebuilding, learning

My CFBC Experience: Community, communication and camaraderie

The Meaning of CFBC: Collaborative environment where I can grow

Sara Poss / Shapes Supply

My Life: Great, hard, blessed, and faithful

My CFBC Experience: Nervous, personal growth, blessing, commitment, stronger

The Meaning of CFBC: People that want to see you succeed

Jeff Conner / Liners Direct

My Life: Always forward, never straight

My CFBC Experience: Growing vicariously through others

The Meaning of CFBC: Continuous learning opportunities

AJ Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

My Life: Forget the past and move forward

My CFBC Experience: Many ideas shared, not enough time

The Meaning of CFBC: Second business team without judgement

Brian McIlwee / McIlwee Millwork

My Life: Boy Scout, Businessman, Family Man, Deplane

My CFBC Experience: Weird beginning, foundation built, beyond expectations

The Meaning of CFBC: Could never return the volumes learned

Jim Padden / Padco Financial Services

My Life: Learn everyday, fight hard within rules

My CFBC Experience: Don’t be afraid to step up

The Meaning of CFBC: My private club of favorite strangers

Donna McCaleb / Noland Sales Corp.

My Life: Loving family, amazing experiences, truly blessed

My CFBC Experience: Eye-opening, jaw-dropping, self-examination

The Meaning of CFBC: Safety, insight, growth, depth, friendship, knowledge

Bob Stahurski / Nyco Products

My Life: Pair of Kings in a game of Jacks

My CFBC Experience: Nine Strangers bond quick & share big

The Meaning of CFBC: Support and a great resource

Art Lukowski / Oil Express

My Life: Power through vigilance, conviction and love

My CFBC Experience: Family plan, pain, gain and repay

The Meaning of CFBC: Friendships and heroes cherished, devotion returned

Darrin Shallcross / Shallcross Financial Planning

My Life: Self-made, husband, father

My CFBC Experience: Short time meeting wonderful people

The Meaning of CFBC: Meeting new people and sharing experiences

Judy Hogel / Chicago Family Business Council

My Life: The unmistakable Molly Brown finds JOY!

My CFBC Experience: Anton’s hug healed my soul

The Meaning of CFBC: With grace comes acceptance of all

Mike Baines / Prairie State Packaging

My Life: It’s like climbing Mt. Everest everyday

My CFBC Experience: Having my father appreciate our involvement

The Meaning of CFBC: My sanctuary away from judgement

Tom Donlon / Standard Equipment Company

My Life: Loving mutual admiration, dependable hard worker

My CFBC Experience: Safe place to discuss highly personal

The Meaning of CFBC: Healthy perception and fellowship

Neil O'Donnell / Progressive Industries

My Life: I’ve only just begun…

My CFBC Experience: Great friends, invaluable knowledge

The Meaning of CFBC: Allows me to find balance

Mike Graham / A to Z Sales

My Life: Beautiful exploration

My CFBC Experience: Listening to grow

The Meaning of CFBC: Genuine human interaction

Sharon Wong / NOW Foods

My Life: I have lived a full life.

My CFBC Experience: CFBC helped me with family conflict

The Meaning of CFBC: CFBC provides a safe learning place

Michael Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

My Life: Love and forgiveness with no regrets

My CFBC Experience: Building a never-ending bond

The Meaning of CFBC: Deep rooted relationships with incredible peers

Kevin Walter / Tasty Catering

My Life: Blessed

My CFBC Experience: Wonderful

The Meaning of CFBC: Warm, genuine, sincere, bonding

Jim Armbruster / ATMI Precast

My Life: Veni Vidi Vici

My CFBC Experience: A place to open up

The Meaning of CFBC: A haven where they can’t get you

Guy Ockerlund / OX BOX

My Life: Blessed

My CFBC Experience: Wonderful

The Meaning of CFBC: An oasis. Safe place.

Don Domanus / MEGAPros

My Life: On the ocean holding my wife

My CFBC Experience: Set me free from bad marriage

The Meaning of CFBC: Nonjudgmental opportunity to share and grow

Chris Prestegaard / American Chartered Bank

My Life: Good examples leave lasting memories

My CFBC Experience: Great people are great to know

The Meaning of CFBC: Excellence, goes without saying

Brian Bernard / SPEC Engineering

My Life: Some magic, some tragic…great ride

My CFBC Experience: Learning that self-honesty is liberating

The Meaning of CFBC: Eight friends I can’t live without

Jay Smith / William V. MacGill

My Life: Brief encounters with reality, then pizza

My CFBC Experience: Growth from an employee to leader

The Meaning of CFBC: My best friends with no bs

Mary Koonce / Cal's Electrical Services

My Life: Imaginative, fortunate, and itchy

My CFBC Experience: First retreat: Nervous, relieved and rejuvenated

The Meaning of CFBC: Priceless

Shea Roche / Carbit Paint

My Life: Always looking out for others

My CFBC Experience: Sharing experiences, knowing I’m not alone

The Meaning of CFBC: Life, love and happiness are key

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

The Meaning of CFBC: Personal growth, extraordinary insights, lasting friendships

Mike Moran / American Chartered Bank

My Life: Work hard, play hard, repeat

Stewart Lipton / Scientific Device Laboratory

My Life: Rags, hope, work and sharing
The Meaning of CFBC: A means for further contentment

Alan Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

My Life: If he can, anyone can
My CFBC Experience: Realizing we all have problems
The Meaning of CFBC: Learning to cope with family issues

Cathie Cushing Duff / Cushing & Co.

My Life: Constantly learning how blessed I am

My CFBC Experience: Safe place to be vulnerable

Jason Bone / Bone Roofing Supply

My Life: Graduated, worked, started a great family

My CFBC Experience: Opened up, learned to listen, grew

The Meaning of CFBC: Knowledge friendship, openness – leads to improvement

John Friedman / Northern Container

My Life: Born comfortable, helping others, doing both

My CFBC Experience: Buying friends? No, trusting and giving.

The Meaning of CFBC: Friendship, trust, advice, support

Michael Nitti / Isola Imports

My Life: I thought things would get easier

My CFBC Experience: An uplifting and fulfilling friendship

The Meaning of CFBC: A constant learning experience

Sean Hoffman / Nuance Solutions

My Life: Fun, regret, laugh, anger, love, hope

Nirel Inman

The Meaning of CFBC: Striving for your definition of success

Kerra O'Donnell / Progressive Industries

My Life: Unique
My CFBC Experience: Life-changing
The Meaning of CFBC: Inspiration

Don Wallin / Joule Technologies

My Life: Shame, addiction, satori’s, love, grateful, content

My CFBC Experience: Lifted up, expanded, pressed, new friendships

Deanna Salo / Cray, Kaiser Ltd.

The Meaning of CFBC: Most genuine group of business professionals

Anton Gfesser / Trendler

My Life: Innocence, Wonder, Adventure, Education, Listening, Reflection

The Meaning of CFBC: Trust, Friendship, Family, Clarity, Wisdom, Heart

Gina Krusinski / Krusinski Construction Company

My CFBC Experience: Exceptional friends found under unique circumstances

Brent Ogle / Blazer Manufacturing

My Life: Blessed with an incredible family and friends

The Meaning of CFBC: It made me a better person

Heiko Mitzkus / Vaxcel International

The Meaning of CFBC: Audi, listen, appreciate others & yourself

Janet Nitti / Isola Imports

My Life: Work, love, play with your heart!

My CFBC Experience: Mind expanding, knowledge, willingness to help

The Meaning of CFBC: Honesty, acceptance, personal growth, true friendship

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