Posted on Jun 27, 2014
July Member’s Perspective: Top 5 Bucket List Items

Alan Jania / Diamond Envelope Corporation

  1. Family Unity and Happiness
  2. Private Meeting with the Pope
  3. Walking Daughter Down Marriage Aisle
  4. Swim with Dolphins
  5. Trip to Las Vegas with College Friends

Bob Stahurski / Nyco Products Company

  1. African Safari
  2. Visit Australia
  3. Play Augusta National
  4. Visit Paris
  5. Build a Custom Guitar

Deanna Salo / Cray, Kaiser Ltd.

  1. Stay at a Villa in Tuscany
  2. Sky Diving
  3. Take a trip to Costa Rica
  4. Tour Italy
  5. Tour Switzerland

Lisa Tomsheck / Arthur Clesen, Inc.

  1. Sky Diving
  2. Live in Italy for 3 months
  3. Attend my son’s wedding
  4. Hold my grandchild
  5. Marathon in 4:22

Sean Hoffman / Nuance Solutions

  1. Trip around the world with my wife
  2. Visit Pebble Beach with my Dad, brothers, and best friends
  3. Go to Bears Superbowl with my wife and kids
  4. Live long enough to know my grandkids
  5. Make a difference

Susan Jania / Diamond Envelope Corporation

  1. Travel the World
  2. Skydive
  3. Climb Kilimanjaro or other significant mountain scape
  4. African Safari
  5. Go to the Olympics (summer or winter)

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

  1. Take my wife to Positano
  2. See the Grand Canyon
  3. See the Tetons
  4. Play Pebble Beach
  5. Meet Tom Hanks


Brian McIlwee / McIlwee Millwork

  1. Retire
  2. Travel Europe
  3. Solo Sail the Mac Race
  4. Cruise the Caribbean


Mary Koonce / Cal's Electrical Inc.

  1. Go to every state fair
  2. Travel to Italy
  3. Travel to Spain
  4. Travel to Australia
  5. Cook with Chef Rick Bayless

Neil O'Donnell / Progressive Industries

  1. Travel to Visit GR, AU, SP, NZ, IT
  2. Move to another state in the south
  3. Move to another country

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