Posted on Jan 19, 2015
January Members’ Perspective: What Would You Never Do Again?

Learning from and sharing experiences is at the core of the CFBC. Members of our community have shared with us some important experiences they will never do again, but that taught them a lot along the way.

Michael Anderson / The Evanston Group

“We tried the model of hiring independent contractor sales people. The model had worked and still works in regard to our consultants, but we thought it would work in sales too. However, the two are very different animals. Sales people require a lot of training, direction, supervision, etc. All of which is incompatible with the IC model.”

Joe Krusinski III / Krusinski Construction Company

“I will never again ice fish. I continue to go and I am burned every time. I don’t believe fish live under the ice. I think they all go south for the winter with the birds. I’ve never seen anyone personally catch anything more significant than bait through the ice. I have seen photos and videos, but I believe these to be doctored. No matter how many times I get out there and swear it will be my last time, I continue to return time and time again…”

Brian McIlwee / McIlwee Millwork

“I left my high school prom date in an iHop restaurant at 7:00 am. I forgot all about her, drove home, and went to bed!”

Jim Padden / Padco Financial Services

“I will never again loan money to an unstable employee.”

Mary Deibert / KIARA

“I will never again skydive!”

Sean Hoffman / Nuance Solutions

“I will never again take a job for the money. I did it once and did not follow my gut and instinct. It backfired.”

John Friedman / Northern Container

“There were people I trusted who I eventually learned lied, stole, or failed to pay when my trusted friends and employees told me of the suspicions. I wanted to believe that everyone is doing his/her best, but I learned to listen to my friends and employees, at least to open my eyes or to be objective about the actions of others.”

Vickie Reilly / Reilly International

“In the future, I will avoid litigation at all cost! The only winners are the attorneys. Even if you are the ‘winner’, the energy it snaps from you is just not with it. But, I am glad I experienced it once!”

Shea Roche / Carbit Paint

“I will never again settle on a job.”

Jim Armbruster / ATMI Precast

“I have a monumental trail of things I have ‘screwed up’ over the years. The goal is to make sure they are transformational. I never look back to regret. I always look to history for wisdom and learning.”

Jay Smith / William V. MacGill

“I will never again deep fry a turkey while it’s raining.”

Jim Buik / Roscoe Company

“I will never again take for granted a business or personal relationship.”

Brian Bernard / SPEC Engineering

“I will always choose business partners very carefully…”

Art Lukowski / Oil Express

“I allowed my Christian upbringing to make me a kind, gentle person and yield as needed. I later learned that I could honor my upbringing and also demand what I expect from others.”

Bob Stahurski / Nyco Products

“I will never again hire a friend.”

Don Wallin / Joule Technologies

“I went into business with equal shares and it completely handicapped the business.”

Jason Bone / Bone Roofing Supplies

“I will never again bungee jump!”

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

“I one time misled a customer in order to protect another.”

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