Posted on Feb 16, 2015
February Members’ Perspective: What is your Favorite CFBC Memory?

Many members have been involved in the organization for several years, if not several decades.  With educational programs, Forum meetings, socials, and retreats, there is an abundance of great memories to choose from. However, it seems that Forum retreats stand out as one of the best overall experiences of the CFBC!

Deanna Salo / Cray Kaiser Ltd.

“Every time this group gets together is a favorite business and personal experience for me.”

Mary Koonce / Cal's Electric

“The ‘We’re In This Together’ event at Riva’s in July 2013. I brought my Dad (Sal Caldrone, the founder of Cal’s Electric and Cal-Tronics). He was exposed to what I have experienced for the last three years.”

Michael Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

“The first time I presented at Forum during a training session. It was great to unpack my luggage on the group and, in turn, learn later that I had a positive impact on the others that listened to my presentation.”

Shea Roche / Carbit Paint

“Attending Forum Protocol Training and meeting my Forum members for the very first time.”

Bob Stahurski / Nyco Products

“I enjoyed being the first presenter to our Forum. Joe Hogel was amazing for the preparation.”

Art Lukowski / Oil Express

“One member in particular struggled with openness, until he/she found the need. TAU Forum was there for support and surprised him/her with that support. There was an instant growth.”

Jason Bone / Bone Roofing Supplies

“My first Forum retreat was a very enlightening experience.”

John Friedman / Northern Container

“Forum retreats are always special. The comradery is enhanced with each exercise but the time off puts the finishing touches on the relationships.”

AJ Jania / Diamond Envelope Corp.

“Golfing with fellow CFBC members and getting to know people better in a real life setting that is unrelated to work.”

Brent Ogle

“The first night of our second retreat. We ate dinner and then sat on the back patio drinking wine and beer, smoking cigars, just hanging out, talking, and laughing. Plus, the sun was setting over the red rocks of Sedona, AZ and when it got dark, the amount of stars that were visible was unlike anything I have seen before. It was a very memorable moment.”

Jim Padden / Padco Financial Services

“Meeting a business owner that I had always wondered about.”

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

“The wrap-up meeting at our last Forum retreat. I am lucky to be in a group like this.”

Jim Buik / Roscoe Company

“Participating in Forum with other family business owners and sharing experiences that now have come full circle as the sole owner of my business.”

Guy Ockerlund / Ox Box

“My first Forum retreat and sharing life experiences for the first time.”

Heiko Mitzkus / Vaxcel International

“Our first year of Audi Forum with Joe Hogel as the moderator.”

Jay Smith / William V. MacGill

“Attending my Forum meetings each month.”

Jim Armbruster / ATMI Precast

“The safety of the group. The haven of a Forum group allows me to relax and rethink with a group that can be trusted.”

Chris Prestegaard / American Chartered Bank

“My first CFBC experience was at Pinstripes for the Winter Social. Everyone made my wife and I feel SO comfortable and welcome.”

Brian McIlwee / McIlwee Millwork

“My first Forum retreat and everyone giving each other big hugs of appreciation.”

Bob Carmody / Diana's Bananas

“My first Forum retreat. That is when I fully realized what this thing is all about.”

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