20 August

August Members’ Perspective: Game Changing Moment

August Members’ Perspective: Game Changing Moment

Art Lukowski / Oil Express

Simplifying my business goals from a complex pool of marketing ideas to a more narrowed, focused branding.

Brent Ogle

We had a face-to-face appreciation exercise at the end  of our forum retreat.  It was a very powerful and emotional exercise.  At the end of the experience, I was moved by how close knit our forum had become and how incredible the entire group was. It made me realize how the CFBC and the forum experience really worked.

Cathie Cushing Duff / Cushing Co.

The realization that EVERYONE has things in his or her life that keeps them up at night.

Heiko Mitzkus / Vaxcel International

At our company anniversary dinner, I introduced every one of the employees and guests with a short acknowledgement and appreciation. It was very well received, and I realized that I would and could not have done it a year earlier.
It had now come to me almost naturally.

Jay Smith / William V. Macgill and Company

When I was told, ‘Your good attitude is your
company’s most valuable asset.’

Shea Roche / Carbit Paint Company

After our first retreat and completing the “Lifeline”, realizing it is best to live life in the ‘10’ area.

AJ Jania / Diamond Envelope Corporation

When a member in my Forum mentioned letting key people grow to benefit his business. Also, do not let what others do bother you or weigh on your mind, just keep moving.

Chris Prestegaard / American Chartered Bank

Being able to share something personal in Forum Training without being judged- was a great feeling.

Jason Bone / Bone Roofing Supply

As I became more comfortable and more open
with my Forum, I could see the added benefit
of developing our relationships.

Lisa Tomsheck / Arthur Clesen

Buying my building without any
other family members involved.

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

First retreat: members were very trusting and open.
It has led to an extraordinary experience.

Tim Watson / Modernfold Chicago

I don’t remember a specific moment, but the theme is that I would think someone else is more qualified or knows what they are talking about, then I would see them do something that didn’t work out and I realized that I may have had a better idea. The concept gives me more confidence and urges me to speak up and try things myself. Even if I fail, I can learn something in the process.

Sharon Wong / NOW Health Group

About ten + years ago we had a Board Training session & I realized how little I had to offer with experience & know-how. I decided to ask questions & seek training. This helped me focus and make a bigger effort to contribute to the company as a family member Director.

Marcus Newman / GCG Financial

I realized that I don’t know everything, or even enough
to get myself where I want to go. I am going to need the
help of others who have been there, are going there,
or know something about getting there.

Jim Armbruster / ATMI Precast

When the recession hit at the end of 2008 we had to cut back, shut down, eliminate, and do everything imaginable to reduce cost to survive. The “aha moment” was after doing all of the cut backs I realized that I would not re-establish large overhead infrastructures at two of our facilities, but just structure them as additional production lines simply staffed, but centrally managed. I believe this is the model for the future that will allow us to be the low cost producer in any expansion. Unfortunately our main plant in Aurora is large and has a big overhead. Can’t start over there.

Jackie Bone / Bone Roofing Supply

After my first presentation to the group…I felt like I had just had the best therapy session to man. I felt very comfortable talking for 50 minutes to complete “strangers” and felt like I connected with those people on a completely different level.

Donna McCaleb / Noland Sales

When I started learning what real listening was.
I really didn’t understand giving full attention
without formulating a response right away.
Learning how to do this was a huge A-Ha.

27 June

July Member’s Perspective: Top 5 Bucket List Items

July Member’s Perspective: Top 5 Bucket List Items

Alan Jania / Diamond Envelope Corporation

  1. Family Unity and Happiness
  2. Private Meeting with the Pope
  3. Walking Daughter Down Marriage Aisle
  4. Swim with Dolphins
  5. Trip to Las Vegas with College Friends

Bob Stahurski / Nyco Products Company

  1. African Safari
  2. Visit Australia
  3. Play Augusta National
  4. Visit Paris
  5. Build a Custom Guitar

Deanna Salo / Cray, Kaiser Ltd.

  1. Stay at a Villa in Tuscany
  2. Sky Diving
  3. Take a trip to Costa Rica
  4. Tour Italy
  5. Tour Switzerland

Lisa Tomsheck / Arthur Clesen, Inc.

  1. Sky Diving
  2. Live in Italy for 3 months
  3. Attend my son’s wedding
  4. Hold my grandchild
  5. Marathon in 4:22

Sean Hoffman / Nuance Solutions

  1. Trip around the world with my wife
  2. Visit Pebble Beach with my Dad, brothers, and best friends
  3. Go to Bears Superbowl with my wife and kids
  4. Live long enough to know my grandkids
  5. Make a difference

Susan Jania / Diamond Envelope Corporation

  1. Travel the World
  2. Skydive
  3. Climb Kilimanjaro or other significant mountain scape
  4. African Safari
  5. Go to the Olympics (summer or winter)

Neil Houtsma / Nuance Solutions

  1. Take my wife to Positano
  2. See the Grand Canyon
  3. See the Tetons
  4. Play Pebble Beach
  5. Meet Tom Hanks


Brian McIlwee / McIlwee Millwork

  1. Retire
  2. Travel Europe
  3. Solo Sail the Mac Race
  4. Cruise the Caribbean


Mary Koonce / Cal's Electrical Inc.

  1. Go to every state fair
  2. Travel to Italy
  3. Travel to Spain
  4. Travel to Australia
  5. Cook with Chef Rick Bayless

Neil O'Donnell / Progressive Industries

  1. Travel to Visit GR, AU, SP, NZ, IT
  2. Move to another state in the south
  3. Move to another country
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